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    The offer will be provided only for you by advanced and automatic algorithms. Please be aware that all your sent files on the platform are protected and not shared with third parties vendors.

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Learn about the key functionalities of the 4Dustry platform

Technology analysis of CAD files

Our software will analyze and specify elements for manufacturing companies that need to be produced and also allow to define things as a number of bends or holes.

Generate automatic offer

Sending offers have never been so easy! Use our innovative system and save your and your employees’ time. Create an offer by one click.

Integration with applications

Create your request or answer through the 4Dustry platform, which is linked with CAD/PDM/ERP.

Why 4Dustry?

Fill out production gaps

By constantly expanding companies database, you can receive new offers even several times a day.

Save time

By using the 4Dustry platform, you will be able to send an offer to a contractor in just a few clicks!


Manage your offers anytime, from anywhere in the world.


Use innovative algorithms to automate your processes, Open up to Industry 4.0. Compete with big companies.

Production companies database in one place

You create only one offer which will be responded by each company directly by platform.

Save time

By constantly expanding companies database, you are ensured that you will receive several offers in just a few minutes!

Only verified companies

Your safety is the most important to us, thus we carefully verify each company.


Manage your offers anytime, from anywhere in the world.

One such place

We are the first platform in Poland to connect professionals from different industry sectors.


We protect your data by using new technologies.

Technical support

24/7 service and technical support.

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